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What We Focus On
A significant predictor of having an impact and helping to deliver lasting change, growth, and development is the degree to which you can replicate a model of success. Brunel Group provides a framework for understanding and making sense of the complexity of an individual and groups, and then offers a road map for what to do next.

Emotional Intelligence

Learned ability to manage emotions effectively and interpret messages directly. It's about safely exploring the invisible that eventually makes the visible difference.

Conflict Resolution

When emotions run strong, opinions vary, and the stakes get high...Anger fuel helps no situation.

Team Leadership

Leaders with new teams, teams pulling together/pulling apart, or merging teams together.

Foundational Tenets

The Foundational Tenets of the A Deeper Way Framework provide principles to guide Leaders in their work to help others grow and develop, in a deeper way.

Be Safe

  • People need to be open and embrace their vulnerability. This is only possible in a  safe environment (not necessarily comfortable), which the facilitator has most of the  responsibility for creating. As Facilitators we must turn our judgements into  evaluations. Judgements are made from a place of fear; evaluations are made from  a place of compassion. We must always create a context that allows for another’s  vulnerability. 

Be Patient

  • Our psyches and bodies are hardwired to not change. With a deeper way, we  understand that much of our behavior is deeply rooted in our unconscious, and most  reactions to exploration and change (e.g. laughing, making fun of ourselves and  others, complaining, etc.) are defenses against the fear.

Get Used To Discomfort

  • Discomfort is necessary. Deep, lasting change requires accessing our insecurities  and fear and going into them – this is by nature uncomfortable. Comfort is different  than safety; discomfort is necessary, so is safety.

Stay Curious

  • With a deeper way, there is always more. In times of sharing and processing, the first response is rarely deep enough, rarely insightful enough, and rarely gets to the  heart of an issue. Encourage people to go further. Use the skills of probes, silence,  and open-ended questions to facilitate deeper exploration.

Commit To Truth

  • Lasting change happens in the context of trusting relationships with self and  others, it can’t happen in a vacuum. There is no trust without truth. Always seek to  understand your peoples’ truth, be a witness to their Tacit Truth and help them return  to the Unequivocal Truth: they are a normal person, worthy of love and belonging,  because they exist. Commit to relating to them from this place. No excuses. No  matter how difficult. 

Be Patient again, and again, and again, and again

  • It takes time for real insight to get embedded. People often need to hear and  experience the insight multiple times in multiple ways. This reality can be difficult for  a Facilitator (or anyone!) to accept; we want to see progress after all! Patience is the  reminder that the growth process is always being realized.