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What We Focus On
A significant indicator of making a meaningful impact and contributing to enduring transformation, growth, and development lies in your ability to replicate a successful model. The Brunel Group presents a comprehensive structure for comprehending and navigating the intricacies of individuals and collectives, accompanied by a clear guide for subsequent actions.

Emotional Intelligence

Learned ability to manage emotions effectively and interpret messages directly. It's about safely exploring the invisible that eventually makes the visible difference.

Conflict Resolution

When emotions run strong, opinions vary, and the stakes get high...Anger fuel helps no situation.

Team Leadership

Leaders with new teams, teams pulling together/pulling apart, or merging teams together.

Foundational Tenets

The Foundational Tenets of A Deeper
Way will guide Leaders as they work to facilitate
meaningful growth and development in others.

Be Safe

  • People must be open to embracing their vulnerability. This is only possible within a safe setting which the Facilitator is responsible for creating. However, a safe space is not necessarily a comfortable one. As Facilitators, we must transform our judgments into compassionate evaluations, replacing fear with understanding. It is our responsibility to craft an atmosphere that always encourages others to express their vulnerability.

Be Patient

  • Our minds and bodies are hardwired against change. With A Deeper Way, we understand this resistance is just one part of the many human behaviors profoundly rooted in our subconscious. Reactions to self-exploration and change, like laughter, self-criticism, and complaints, are defense mechanisms against the basic fear of change itself.

Be Uncomfortable

  • Discomfort is essential. Deep, lasting change requires us to access and acknowledge our insecurities and fears which by nature is uncomfortable. It’s crucial to differentiate between discomfort and safety; being uncomfortable is necessary. Ensuring any discomfort occurs within a context of safety is essential, too.

Stay Curious

  • With A Deeper Way, there is always more. In times of sharing and processing, the first response is rarely deep enough, rarely insightful enough, and rarely gets to theĀ  heart of an issue. Encourage people to go further. Use probing questions, silence, and open-ended queries to facilitate deeper exploration.

Be Truthful

  • Trust requires truth. How is lasting change achieved? In the context of trust based relationships within ourselves and with others. It cannot happen in a vacuum. Help others return to their Unequivocal Truth: They are a normal person, worthy of love and belonging, simply because they exist. Commit to relating with them truthfully. No excuses. No matter how difficult.

Be Patient, Again.

  • It takes time to absorb real insight. People often need to hear and experience new insights multiple times in multiple ways. This reality can be frustrating for a Facilitator (or anyone!) to accept; we want to see progress after all! Patience reminds us that the growth process is ongoing and continuous.