About Brunel Group combines the science and the art of dynamic team leadership, policing with emotional intelligence and positive conflict resolution. We work to improve people’s perceptions and help them gain results through relationship intelligence. We reveal how individuals can shift their focus from what is going on around them to what is going on inside them. Explore
The Science Behind Our Approach

Since we are now able to understand personalities and behaviors by separating what you do from who you are, our highest hope is to enrich and shape people’s lives. Gaining insight into a team or individual in ways that go beyond the norm and enables us to offer recommendations that yield beyond the norm impact.

Our Purpose

Linked with personal and customized coaching, we help organizations raise self-awareness about how they make decisions, solve problems, and build relationships using psychological & emotional intelligence assessments.

Our Differentiators

We link both the science and the art of team leadership and policing with emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

Our Aim

To ensure the best day you have ever had in your role is still ahead of you.

Our Process

  • Understand Your performance Development Goals, Challenges & Needs
  • Recommend An approach based on your Performance Development Goals, Challenges and Needs, then leverage Psychometric Assessments to better see what’s going on inside that might be causing what is going on outside.
  • Implement With assessments and personal/customized coaching to sustain and reinforce The Learning.

  • Reinforce Specific Skills, Techniques and Approaches to ensure there is a positive change in behavior. Nothing is fully learned until it is fully applied.

  • Business Review It is always good to stick around and see how we are doing when It comes to the Working Relationship, the results we are focused on, and the resulting Impacted Behavior.

Our Strengths

  • Integrated and Validated approaches that combine content and assessments for the whole person.

  • The Skills, Techniques and Approaches offered are simple, fast and precise.
  • We can Measure what a person is like in their most natural persona, at work persona, and overextended/stressed persona. Blind spots cause blind behaviors.

  • Our Capabilities allow us to work with teams that are pulling apart and or pulling together.

Current Texas Police Agencies
Years Of Experience
Current Corporate Clients
Marcel Brunel
A former US Army Airborne Ranger and Texas A&M Psychology graduate, Marcel Brunel has spent the last 25 years working with organizations as an expert in psychometrics and talent development. While working closely with many government and private organizations, he provides innovative, state-of-the-art assessment tools combined with the most current and complete performance development skills and strategies. Residing in Farmers Branch, Texas, Marcel lives with his wife Susie of 27 years and is the father of Sydney, Jonah, and Adrienne.
Our Journey

“It’s safely exploring the invisible that eventually makes the visible difference.”


A Brief History
Started Brunel Group with the vision of helping others do things they had never done in order to get some things they never had. Making decisions, solving problems, and building relationships are three very important parts of being a leader. Sometimes it is the difference that makes the difference.


Something Big
Thanks to ongoing advancements in brain research and improved algorithms, we can now explore the essence of identity with greater depth. Categorizing and labeling people is obsolete. The ability to gauge a person's inner dialogue, psychological values, and self-perceptions is now achievable.


The Practice Grows
Each year Brunel Group adapts, adjusts, aligns, and grows. Some years we say, “Let’s stop doing this.” Other years we say, “Let’s start doing that!” Some changes came from inspiration, and some were out of desperation. Our biggest takeaway from Covid 19 at Brunel Group was...”Let’s work with smart and fun clients that make you feel lighter when you’re around them.”


Trusting Your Voice
With over 7 years of work in the policing industry, I am now able to share my findings in a more simple, fast, and precise way. Collaborated on a three-page article for the Michigan Police Chief Magazine that was published on 1 February 2021.


Commitment to the Future
Active problems require active answers. Because problems and answers change constantly, we are committed to progress, not perfection. For future growth, we commit to doing the next right thing, right now.
Our Team

Aubree Levinski-Johansson, MA

ADW | Certified Facilitator, Consultant, Director of Member Relationships at CareProfiler

Dr. Timothy Johansson, Sr.

Organizational Consultant + CEO

Casey Lankow

Psychologist + Chief Psychology Officer
How We Influence Behavior and Impact Results