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Trusted Community Partners

Brunel Group Partners are smart, fun and engaging. You feel lighter when you’re around them. Our Partner relationships are built on trust, respect, rapport, and value. Collaborating with each Partner requires interdependent needs, optimal returns for both, implicit trust, and shared control. Brunel Group is grateful and proud to contribute to the performance and development success of these organizations.  

Empowering the Next Generation: Youth Leadership and Career Development Programs

C5 Youth Foundation of Texas and Clear Career Pro are working to empower and prepare individuals for success. C5 focuses on middle and high school students from under-resourced communities, providing them with five years of intensive leadership experiences to pursue personal success and leadership roles in college, work, and their communities. Similarly, Clear Career Pro is dedicated to promoting excellence and professionalism among organizations, with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. They emphasize building strong relationships with clients, using communication and innovation to assess the skills and mindset of candidates, and continuously expanding the capabilities of career professionals to help them achieve their goals

C5 Youth Foundation of Texas: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Mission: Change the odds for high potential youth
  • Inspiring personal success and preparing for leadership roles in college, work, and communities
  • Focus on middle and high school students from under-resourced communities
  • 5 years of intensive leadership experiences
  • Year-round leadership development programs
  • Signature summer activities
  • Community action
  • Preparation for continuing education and career development
Building Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Organizations with Excellence
  • Core mission: Promote excellence and professionalism in organizations with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Focus on relationships and collaboration with clients
  • Decades of government leadership and management experience
  • Importance of organizational culture acknowledged
  • Communication and innovation in candidate selection process
  • Training team focuses on expanding career professionals’ capabilities.