Team Leadership One key role of a leader is to ensure the best day your direct reports ever have during their development
is still ahead of them. Establishing a coaching culture can be the difference that makes the difference.
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1 Assessment. 7 Reports. Countless Solutions.
Administer a single assessment and gain access to 7 different reports; each validated for multiple applications. Reports fall into two categories: Certified Series and Professional Series. Combined, they yield over 100 pages of insight.
  • Facilitator Report Brings clients’ self-awareness, others-awareness, and intentionality to a deeper level.
  • Personal Effectiveness Report Our visual depiction of an individual’s personality system, the PsyPlex.
  • Match Report Useful data that enables people to resolve issues. Also used to pro-actively set up a duo for success.
  • Conflict Energies Report  A helpful resource to help teams and groups understand their patterns and conflicts while developing more intentional methods to solve problems.
  • Facilitator Report – The only report that shows the entire system of an individual’s personality.
  • Personal Effectiveness Report – A Type-based report answering 4 core questions; used for both individual and team development.
  • Match Report – A Profile comparison of 2 individuals; provides a picture of their similarities and differences.
  • Conflict Energies Report – An insightful view into an individual’s default approach to conflict.


Imaginative - Emotional - Seeks Change - Open to Learning


Keep Focus - Dutifulness - Achievement Drive - Attention to Detail


Gregariousness - Hospitality - Assertiveness - Humor


Trust - Concern for Others - Diplomacy - Modesty


Apprehension - Intensity - Mood - Impulsivity - Self-Consciousness


Self-Reflection + Self-Confidence + Self-Preservation + Self-Accepting + Self Importance

Psychological Values

Values Information - Values Connection - Values Ambition - Values Acknowledgement - Values Certainty

Social Structures

Comfort with Authority - Emotional Intelligence - Irritation - Contemplation

Conflict Energies

Avoids - Drives - Adjusts - Accommodates - All In
A Deeper Way Companion and ADW
Assessment I Strengths and Facilitator Reports
The Big Idea for Team Leadership
Leaders with new teams, teams pulling together or pulling apart, and merging teams together.
  • Job Fit ReportInformation for screening, interviewing, and selection decisions. Adds insight to job coaching, career exploration, and succession planning.

  • Conversation Guide Increases the effectiveness of working relationships..

  • System Strengths Report Reaches beyond other strengths-based tools, provides a picture of individual strengths both from an ipsative perspective and a norm-referenced perspective.

  • Job Fit Report – The Job Fit Reports pulls in job criteria from the Department of Labor’s O*Net database and compares the individual’s personality against it. The Report informs screening, interviewing, and selection decisions.

  • Conversation GuideThe Conversation Guide combines the Profile of two individuals and offers suggested questions and conversation topics.

  • System Strengths ReportThe System Strengths Report is a strengths-based report focused on helping people gain deeper insight into the most effective elements of their personality. What rises to the surface when someone is at their best?