Team Leadership One key role of a leader is to ensure that the best day your direct reports have ever had, in their performance development, is one that is still out ahead of them. Co-creating a coaching culture can be the difference that makes the difference. Learn More
1 Assessment | 7 Reports | Countless Solutions
Administer one assessment and have access to 7 different reports that are validated for use across multiple situations. Reports fall into two categories: Certified Series and Professional Series. Combined these reports offer over 100 pages of insight.
  • Facilitator ReportThis report is key for taking clients’ self-awareness, others-awareness, and intentionality to a deeper level.
  • Personal Effectiveness ReportThis report leverages our visual depiction of an individual’s personality system, the PsyPlex.
  • Match ReportThis report is useful for helping two people work through and issue or to pro-actively set a duo up for success.
  • Conflict Energies Report This report is particularly useful in helping teams and groups understand their patterns and conflict and develop more intentional ways of resolving issues.
  • Facilitator Report – The Facilitator Report is the only report that shows the entire full system of an individual’s personality.
  • Personal Effectiveness Report – The Personal Effectiveness Report is the Type-based report. It is used for both individual and team development, and is focused on answering four core questions
  • Match Report – The Match Report combines the Profile of two individuals and provides a picture of their similarities and differences.
  • Conflict Energies Report – The Conflict Energies Report provides insight into an individual’s default approach to conflict.


Imaginative - Emotional - Seeks Change - Open to Learning


Keep Focus - Dutifulness - Achievement Drive - Attention to Detail


Gregariousness - Hospitality - Assertiveness - Humor


Trust - Concern for Others - Diplomacy - Modesty


Apprehension - Intensity - Mood - Impulsivity - Self-Consciousness


Self-Reflection + Self-Confidence + Self-Preservation + Self-Accepting + Self Importance

Psychological Values

Values Information - Values Connection - Values Ambition - Values Acknowledgement - Values Certainty

Social Structures

Comfort with Authority - Emotional Intelligence - Irritation - Contemplation

Conflict Energies

Avoids - Drives - Adjusts - Accommodates - All In
A Deeper Way Companion and ADW
Assessment I Strengths and Facilitator Reports
The Big Idea For Team Leadership
Leaders with new teams, teams pulling together/pulling apart, or merging teams together.
  • Job Fit ReportThe Report informs screening, interviewing, and selection decisions. Adds insight to job coaching, career exploration, and succession planning.

  • Conversation Guide – Increases the effectiveness of their working relationship.

  • System Strengths ReportBeyond other strengths-based tools, the System Strengths Report provides a picture one’s strengths both from an ipsative perspective and a norm-referenced perspective.

  • Job Fit Report – The Job Fit Reports pulls in job criteria from the Department of Labor’s O*Net database and compares the individual’s personality against it. The Report informs screening, interviewing, and selection decisions.

  • Conversation GuideThe Conversation Guide combines the Profile of two individuals and offers suggested questions and conversation topics.

  • System Strengths ReportThe System Strengths Report is a strengths-based report focused on helping people gain deeper insight into the most effective elements of their personality. What rises to the surface when someone is at their best?

Working With Your Community

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