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1. What is the most common cause as to why people behave badly?

Lack of self-awareness. Ego and self-awareness cannot co-exist. As long as the individual is willing, open, and honest there is great hope for that person to grow past their character defects.

2. What typically keeps people from improving in their personality and behavior as they get older?

Our ego is futile.  It is said that the purpose of ego is to cause you great levels of unhappiness and suffering so that hopefully one day after trying to change the world and people around you, you can look inside and decide to change yourself.  Change is an inside job.  The ADW assessments measure the invisible that causes the visible. This helps better provide you the science to your identity.

3. Is EQ more needed in business than IQ?

As we evolve from a thinking economy into an emotional economy, both IQ and EQ are needed.  IQ will get you the job and EQ will keep you the job. What we know matters and what we are matters more. EQ is a different way of being smart and in most cases is the difference that makes the difference when it comes to people, working, together.

4. Is ego needed to be successful in business?

The biggest factor is that they do not “want to” grow as they go in their job role and responsibility. There are three things you can not boss. Love. Passion. ‘Want to’. Another common factor is that people confuse longevity in a role with competency in their role. Just because you have been doing something for 25 years does not mean you are good at what you do. Sometimes what we see is just the opposite. Growth is not automatic…it has to be intentional.

5. Why is coaching not something that most leaders make time for? What is the most common cause as to why people behave badly?

Leaders will tell you that they get paid to do their job, not their role as a coach and mentor. What leaders have to remember is that the company is paying them a base salary to not be “who they are” but to be “better than who they are.” Other leaders will tell you that coaching is not something that is natural for them to do. What leaders have to remember is that even though coaching is not natural for them to do it is still worthwhile to do. It is not easy for most people to say they are sorry but it is still worthwhile. Coaching is not about a persons position it is about their disposition.

6. What if the lack of confidence keeps my leaders from coaching their team colleagues?

To the degree the leader sees themselves coaching is to the degree they will coach. Leaders have three options when it comes to coaching others. Do it well, not do it well, avoid it all together. If they see themselves as suboptimal, in the skill of coaching, they may avoid and or not implement the coaching sessions to be specifically focused on inspiring, enabling, performance, development.

7. How do we help rude leaders who lead others in rude ways?

When you watch a professional sports team warm up before a game they all warm up together and they all do the same warmup exercises. From my experience and expertise veteran and new sales professionals should warm up and play the exact same way.  With veteran sales people, let’s put some bullets on things they are already doing and for the newer sales people let’s give them a road map as to how they can influence client behavior and impact business results.

8. When teams pull apart is it the leaders fault?

When teams pull apart it is not always the leaders fault and yet it is always the leaders responsibility. It takes the same amount of energy for a team to pull together as it does for a team to pull apart. You can be on a a team with individuals or you can be on a team with independent individuals. The three biggest problems of people, working together are…People. Working. Together. The leaders goal is to get the natural best of the team. The more emotionally intelligent the leader is the better potential his team has in becoming an emotionally intelligent team.

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