Emotional Intelligence For most emotional intelligence is learned in the laboratory of life; when the stakes are high, emotions run strong, and opinions vary. As we evolve from a thinking economy to an emotional economy…we need both IQ & EQ. Learn More

Emotional Intelligence
Leadership in a 21st Century law enforcement agency faces many challenges, from dealing with generational differences among our employees to responding to changing community expectations. To successfully navigate these challenges, we need now more than ever to develop emotionally intelligent leaders and police agencies.
  •  Individual assessments to help others become aware of blind spots creating blind behaviors.
  • Team assessments showing how decisions are being made, problems are solved and relationships being built.
  • Organizational assessments help measure the culture, mindset, and psychological safety.
  • Standards of performance are developed/individual development plans developed/balance feedback displayed.
  • Complete potential of each team player is realized/value and importance of work being done reinforced.
  •  Coaching climate co-created.
Acclivus Coaching

Sometimes in order to get something you have never had, you are going to have to do some things you have never done.  Emotional intelligence is not for those who need it, it is for those who want it.  There are three things in life you cannot boss:  Love, Passion, and “Want to”. 

Current Texas Police Agencies
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Acclivus Coaching®

Targeted Audience

Acclivus Coaching® is intended for sales, services, and support managers at all organizational levels.
Acclivus Coaching®

The Learning Process:

A 2-day workshop that allows for 12 to 20 leaders per session. A 10-week Field Implementation and Reinforcement process will follow completion of the workshop.
Acclivus Coaching®

The Learning Process

Acclivus Coaching® provides sales, services, and support managers with the skills, techniques, and approaches necessary to produce consistently superior results as developers of both people and performance.
Acclivus Coaching®

Performance Objectives

Provides a proven approach that allows leaders to have a positive impact on both the performance and development of their people by
Acclivus Coaching®

Performance Objectives

Identifying clear and relevant standards for performance Developing a coaching culture in which performance-related dialogue is expected and valued Establishing a plan for reviewing performance and setting the stage for coaching Implementing the coaching plan with all team members
Acclivus Coaching®

Performance Objectives

Reviewing performance of both observed and unobserved sales or service calls and providing positive feedback Working with teams to co-create a climate for high performance based on high expectations
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