Emotional Intelligence For most, emotional intelligence is learned in the laboratory of life. When the stakes are high, emotions run strong and opinions vary. As we evolve from a thinking economy to an emotional economy…we need both IQ & EQ. Learn More
Leading with Emotional Intelligence in Modern Law Enforcement
Emotional Intelligence
Leaders face a multitude of obstacles within 21st century law enforcement agencies. From generational differences among personnel to evolving community standards, navigating these challenges is complex. Now more than ever, we need to develop emotionally intelligent leadership and organizations.
  •  Individual assessments revealing blind spots that create blind behaviors
  • Team assessments displaying decision-making processes, problem solving methods and relationship building
  • Organizational assessments measuring cultures, mindsets, and psychologically safe environments
  • Performance Standards and Individual Development
    Plans are established
  • The full potential of each team member is realized
  • Value and significance of work is reinforced
  • Constructive coaching strategies are co-created
Acclivus Coaching
  • Sometimes to get something you never had; you
    must do something you have never done.
  • Emotional intelligence works for those who want it
    and is important for those who need it.
  • There are 3 things in life that cannot be dictated:
    Love, Passion, and the innate sense of “Want to.”
Current Texas Police Agencies
Current Corporate Clients
Acclivus Coaching®

Targeted Audience

Acclivus Coaching® is intended for sales, services, and support managers at all organizational levels.
Acclivus Coaching®

The Learning Process:

A 2-day workshop that allows for 12 to 20 leaders per session. A 10-week Field Implementation and Reinforcement process will follow completion of the workshop.
Acclivus Coaching®

The Learning Process

Acclivus Coaching® provides sales, services, and support managers with the skills, techniques, and approaches necessary to produce consistently superior results as developers of both people and performance.
Acclivus Coaching®

Performance Objectives

Provides a proven approach that allows leaders to have a positive impact on both the performance and development of their people by providing tailored guidance, fostering growth, and cultivating a collaborative environment that empowers individuals to reach their fullest potential.
Acclivus Coaching®

Performance Objectives

Identifying clear and relevant standards for performance Developing a coaching culture in which performance-related dialogue is expected and valued Establishing a plan for reviewing performance and setting the stage for coaching Implementing the coaching plan with all team members
Acclivus Coaching®

Performance Objectives

Reviewing performance of both observed and unobserved sales or service calls and providing positive feedback Working with teams to co-create a climate for high performance based on high expectations
Brunel Group & ADW Measured Results

The degree to which we know and accept ourselves determines the degree to which we can know and accept others

Our results are proven among Policing Agencies who partner with us.
Discover The Brunel Group Difference
  • Boost officer retention & recruiting
  • Hire the right officers and personnel
  • Discharge problematic team members
  • Decrease internal & external IA investigations
  • Improve officer wellness on duty & at home
  • Develop community trust & transparency
  • Increase agency resiliency & culture positivity
  • Transform corrective actions to constructive coaching
  • Reduce individual and department-wide stressors
  • Build intentionality via seif-awareness & others-awareness
  • Create equity, inclusion and belonging

We are not asking you to change…We are asking you to protect your agency’s right to change. A transformation in Policing is already underway. The question is how will your agency adapt to remain functional and successful?

Even as the workplace evolves, most employee evaluation tools used today were developed to evaluate workers of 1940s and 1950s. To us, it is equally important to equip your personnel with the latest, ground-breaking emotional intelligence assessments available as it is to arm them with state-of the-art equipment to protect them physically.

How do we close the gap between Justice and Truth? In the midst of differences, pain, and fear, the instinct for self-preservation is strong. The pull to remain in our comfort zone is enticing. However,progress will fail if those with the power to bring change opt for comfort instead

  • Every internal conversation or call requires human interaction.
  • Not all situations are black and white. There is a difference between the correct response and a moral one.
  • Citizens ask us to be hard on problems but remain respectful of people.
Personal Perspectives of ADW Assessments

  • New Vision for their local Police Department
  • Employee Development:
    Mindset + Skillset = Ability
  • Internal & External Equity and Justice
  • Inclusion & Belonging
  • Assessments 
    • ADW/Profile (self-awareness)
    • Culture Audit (others-awareness)
  • Interventions
    • Interactive Sessions
    • Embedded Learning & Processing
Take Your Police Department Cultural Audit
Podcast, Published Articles and Culture Audit Assessment...

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