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Why Choose Us?
Living problems require living answers. The Brunel Group excels in the following scenarios:
  • Police agencies recognize the need for emotionally
    intelligent officers and psychological safety.
  • Conducting comprehensive 360 assessments for
    pivotal leaders within your organization.
  • Assisting City Council and municipal staff in cohesive
    collaboration following election outcomes.
  • Equipping supervisors within city municipalities to
    elevate their roles with tailored skills, techniques, and

Adaptability Determines Survivability:
Why Emotional Intelligence Saves Lives, Families, and Careers
Success leaves clues. Why do some agencies evolve faster than others in emotional intelligence and inclusivity? Both emotional intelligence and belonging take more than goodwill; they take real skill. Law enforcement executives must prioritize the establishment of secure and respectful environments, taking requisite actions to foster a feeling of inclusivity. This approach not only facilitates the attraction and retention of top-tier talent but also contributes to the overall well-being of both employees and community members.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Solutions for critical issues
    • Problem: Suicide, divorce, retention
    • Solution: Developing emotional intelligence to save lives, families, and careers
  • Fostering Belonging: Enhancing purpose and significance
    • Problem: Lack of purpose and significance
    • Solution: Cultivating belonging for sworn officers, civilians, and dispatchers by creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels like family
  • Three key principles of Emotional Intelligence and Belonging discussed in video:
    • Seniority does not always equal quality.
    • The unaware leader is the most dangerous.
    • To the degree I can know and accept myself determines the degree I can know and accept others.
Areas Of Focus

Since we are now able to understand personalities and behaviors by separating what you do from who you are,
our highest hope is to enrich and shape people’s lives. Gaining insight into a team or individual in ways that go
beyond the norm enables us to offer recommendations that yield beyond the norm impact. 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the learned ability to manage emotions effectively and interpret messages directly. It's about safely exploring the invisible that eventually makes the visible difference. What we know matters. What we are matters more.

Conflict Resolution

When emotions run strong, opinions vary, and the stakes get high; anger fuel helps no situation.

Team Leadership

Leaders with new teams, teams pulling together/pulling apart, or merging teams together.
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