Aubree Levinski-Johansson, MA

ADW | Certified Facilitator, Consultant, Director of Member Relationships at CareProfiler
6 Years
+8 (972) 841 5890

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Consultant working to create a world of work where people can realize their significance and purpose. Avid listener and supporter of Psychology at Work podcast – subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts!

A Deeper Way is about taking the work of people professionals beyond the surface to drive long-lasting growth and development. The overarching framework of A Deeper Way posits that there is always more. Knowing one’s strengths is important, and yet the human experience is so complex, so much so that realizing and accessing our potential, sustaining a sense of fulfillment, and ultimately showing up as our best as often as possible, requires a deepening of what we know about ourselves and others.

A Deeper Way Certified Facilitators become experts in the ADW Situational Identity Model and the ADW | Profile. Combined they offer a framework for providing unprecedented insight into individuals and teams which then leads to more relevant, targeted, and meaningful change. 


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  • Director of Member Relationships
    • A Deeper Way
    • Jan 2015- Present · 6 yrs 4 mos

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