Dr. Timothy Johansson, Sr.

Organizational Consultant + CEO
12 Years 10 Months

Personal Information

Psychology Professional working to create a world of work where people can realize their significance and purpose. Co-host of Psychology at Work podcast

A Deeper Way is about taking the work of people professionals beyond the surface to drive long-lasting growth and development. The overarching framework of A Deeper Way posits that there is always more. Knowing one’s strengths is important, and yet the human experience is so complex, so much so that realizing and accessing our potential, sustaining a sense of fulfillment, and ultimately showing up as our best as often as possible, requires a deepening of what we know about ourselves and others.


Executive Coaching
99+ Endorsements
99+ Endorsements
99+ Endorsements


  • I teach psychometric theory, applied statistics, research methods, and psychological assessment at the Masters and Doctoral levels.
  • Associate Consultant for a Twin Cities HR Strategy consulting firm. AAI specializes in executive and managerial competency modeling, selection validation, assessment tool design, and performance evaluation systems.
  • Oversaw item development process
    -Oversaw and designed validation procedures
    -Developed behaviorally-based performance apprasials
    -Trained 50+ Supervisors on performance apprasial
    -Validated assessment scores with performance scores
    -Participated in sales meetings with potential customers

Technical Information

Certifying consultants, coaches, and people professionals in the A Deeper Way Framework & Assessment. Equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and skills to help your clients unlock their potential and create lasting, enduring growth and development. Learn more about taking the work to a deeper level

The A Deeper Way Difference
Some of the stand out differences about becoming ADW Certified:

-Facilitator Centered Community. Certified Facilitators become part of a community of people focused on helping individuals, teams, and organizations grow and develop in deep, lasting ways. Our efforts are focused on promoting and growing your business. There are 4 opportunities to connect with the community each month.

-Integrated Certification. With this one certification, Facilitators become experts in an in-depth development framework, multiple assessment tools for use in a variety of people-focused situations, along with a 360 assessment – this would normally require multiple certifications.

-ADW | Profile – 1 assessment, 7 reports. Administer one assessment and have access to 7 different reports that are validated for use across multiple situations. An immediate cost savings.

-Increased Revenue Opportunities. In addition to utilizing the framework and assessment tools in your own consulting and coaching, Certified Facilitators have the opportunity for increased, renewable revenue through selling licenses to their client organizations.

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