Laws of The Land

The Rules Book

There are certain fundamental truths/laws of the land that mean the same thing wherever you find gravity. These laws do not edit for good or bad. You can’t change these laws…they however can change you.

1) The law of income: Says you will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace. I found this law in a book called “The Millionaires Mind”. I love this law because it reminds me that the marketplace determines what I will earn. If I am creating $75,000 or $775,000 dollars of value in the marketplace…that I what the market will pay me. Everything is counted…weight, distance, value. It is like selling your home…you think it is worth X plus more…and you sell your home with what the marketplace will pay. Prices and wages are like messengers conveying news…sometimes good news…sometimes bad news.

2) The law of intention: What you seek is what you get. You see this law mentioned in books like “The Secret”, “The Power of Now” and “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” This law is the reason why we have the expression “misery loves company”. It is with the law of intention that says whatever I am seeking is seeking me. If I want to find positive people…I look for positive people. It is like turning a radio dial to find a radio station…you hear static when the wrong frequency is being given out…until you find the station you were looking for. The frequency of energy you give out, positive or negative, will be picked up by those with the same frequency. Like attracts like and what I look for…I see.

3)The law of unintended consequences: This law happens so often we sometimes forget it is out there. It happens when people set out to do something they see as smart and right then realize later that their decision was not a healthy or successful one because something bad happened that they did not plan for. You also see this law working when bad people are put in a bad situation and they become a better person on the planet for it. Every short-term behavior has a long-term consequence.

4) The law of what you focus on expands: There are people focused so much on how little money they have it becomes overwhelming to them. I have to tell people who have found themselves in a hole of misery to “stop digging”. I have also seen this law come alive when people adopt an attitude of gratitude to ensure the best day in their life is still one that is out in front of them. Where the focus goes the energy flows.

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