Dimensions Of Learning

March 15, 2021
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The Intellectual Dimension is defined as cognitive understanding. It is understanding something with our mind and words. Since intellectual knowing is descriptive, it is the dimension that relies most heavily on language. In fact, we cannot use the intellectual dimension without using language. Even if we do not speak aloud, thoughts are still intellectually known through words. Intellectual knowing is the most narrow of the four dimensions.


The Physical Dimension is defined as bodily understanding. It is understanding
something with our body and senses. Since physical knowing is personally
subjective, it requires courage, attunement, and curiosity to more fully comprehend. Our bodies house actual information (ex: pain, pleasure, breath, heart rate, “goosebumps”). A significant aspect of congruence and groundedness is learning to re-connect to what our bodies are telling us. Physical knowing is more broad than Intellectual knowing, but not as wide ranging as Emotional or Spiritual.


The Emotional Dimension is defined as tacit understanding. All emotions are evoked by our subjective experience of the moment. In fact, we cannot attain congruence or groundedness without accepting that we cannot cause or prevent our emotions. Since emotional knowing is also personally subjective, it too requires courage, attunement, and curiosity to more fully comprehend. Emotions are always reflecting something about our subjective experience back to us. Emotional knowledge is wide-ranging, intricate and profoundly abstract; consider the ellusivity of describing the full spectrum of human emotions.


Spiritual knowledge connects us with the core of our humanity: with our innate but imperfect powers to destroy and to create. Spiritual knowledge connects us not only to our own self, but to others as well; reminding us, in the mostly fundamentally human way possible, we are not meant to be alone. Knowledge on the Spiritual Dimension is infinitely vast, deep, and timeless.

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