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The? ADW | Profile is a powerful tool for understanding an individual in A Deeper Way. The ADW Profile is the only psychometric developed specifically for the A Deeper Way Model of Situational Identity. With the ADW Profile, you have unprecedented power to sharpen your insights, improve your predictions, and equip your clients for lasting effectiveness.

The ADW | Profile is a global measure of personality that measures 9 different families (40 scales) of an individual’s personality, including the Big 5, Self-Concept, Psychological Values, and Conflict Energies – all at one’s best, on a typical day, and under stress.

This one 20-minute assessment generates 7 different reports validated for use across multiple situations, including selection and onboarding, individual coaching and development, team development, working through conflict, and any number of people-focused circumstances.

March 27, 2021
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1 Assessment | 7 Reports | Countless Solutions

Administer one assessment and have access to 7 different reports that are validated for use across multiple situations. Reports fall into two categories: Certified Series and Professional Series. Combined these reports offer over 100 pages of insight.

Certified Series Reports

Facilitator Report

The Facilitator Report is the only report that shows the entire full system of an individual's personality. This report is key for taking clients’ self-awareness, others-awareness, and intentionality to a deeper level. To truly understand what might be getting in their way from time-to-time; to own their whole story.

Personal Effectiveness Report

The Personal Effectiveness Report is the Type-based report. It is used for both individual and team development, and is focused on answering four core questions: Someone’s 1) Motivation and approach to life; 2) How they process information; 3) Where they orient themselves to gain energy; and 4) What they focus on when making decisions. This report leverages our visual depiction of an individual’s personality system, the PsyPlex.

Match Report

The Match Report combines the Profile of two individuals and provides a picture of their similarities and differences. In addition to showing how they compare on all 40 aspects, the report provides a measure of their overall personality similarity, effectiveness of exchanging information, getting tasks completing, and working through conflict. This report is useful for helping two people work through and issue or to pro-actively set a duo up for success.

Conflict Energies Report

The Conflict Energies Report provides insight into an individual’s default approach to conflict. This report is particularly useful in helping teams and groups understand their patterns and conflict and develop more intentional ways of resolving issues.

Professional Series Reports

Job Fit Report

The Job Fit Reports pulls in job criteria from the Department of Labor’s O*Net database and compares the individual’s personality against it. The Report informs screening, interviewing, and selection decisions. Adds insight to job coaching, career exploration, and succession planning.

Conversation Guide

The Conversation Guide combines the Profile of two individuals and offers suggested questions and conversation topics to increase the effectiveness of their working relationship. The Conversation Guide also contains a section specific to onboarding.

System Strengths Report

The System Strengths Report is a strengths-based report focused on helping people gain deeper insight into the most effective elements of their personality. What rises to the surface when someone is at their best? Beyond other strengths-based tools, the System Strengths Report provides a picture one’s strengths both from an ipsative perspective and a norm-referenced perspective.

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