Intuitive & Counterintuitive

devandbeyond May 11, 2013 1 Comment

One time when I was in Montréal Québec a colleague I was working with said something so powerful…it made me take note. He said, “life is an echo”. What he said seemed intuitive yet after careful consideration it is very counterintuitive. Standing on a mountaintop yelling, “hello” and hearing it echo back is intuitive. The idea that the energy we send forth into the universe returns to us, much like the echo, is counterintuitive.

Below are seven other counterintuitive things I have noticed or have learned through others:

1) I would be happier if I was more successful…intuitive
I would be more successful if I was happier…counterintuitive

2) Money means I am successful….intuitive
Success comes first then money…counterintuitive

3) Knowledge is power…intuitive
Knowledge applied is power…counterintuitive

4) Life comes down to who you know…intuitive
Life comes down to who knows you…counterintuitive

5) I want work/life balance…intuitive
I want life/work balance…counterintuitive

6) I need “quality” time at home with family because of the “quantity” of time I spend at work…intuitive
I have the “quantity” of time at home I desire because of the “quality” of my time at work…counterintuitive

7) I want to be around people I trust…intuitive
People want to be around me because I am trustworthy…counterintuitive

When the eyes only see what the brain tells it…that causes blind spots and blind spots cause blind maneuvers. Let’s allow ourselves to go beyond the obvious into counterintuitive thinking because we do not have to brush all of our teeth…just the ones we want to keep.

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  1. May 13, 2013

    Nice read Marcel. Hope all is well.


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