Enthusiasm Moves the World

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This is #13 in a series about the 24 Lumina Sales Qualities and how you can leverage those qualities to improve your ability to attract more clients, build deeper long-lasting relationships, and achieve personal and professional success.

If you’ve been following this series you know that our sales team – Phil, Rob, and John (sales manager) have completed Stage 3 the sales cycle, Understand Needs; and are now moving into Stage 4, Recommend Solutions. John has been coaching Phil and Rob through the first three stages of the sales cycle and they are now ready to begin Recommending Solutions to their client where they will need to leverage the qualities of Enthusing, Convincing, Detailed Proposal and Co-Creating to eventually Get Commitment, the fifth stage of the sales cycle.

When you arrive at Recommending Solutions, your proposals will play a vital role in gaining the client’s commitment to your proposed recommendation. A proposal must be thorough so that the client is clear on what you are offering. You must also enthuse the client to enroll them into working with you in the long term. A strong relationship based on trust, respect, rapport, and value is just as effective as an enticing proposal.

John knows that to do this well, he needs to need to work through the following four‐step process with his team:

  1. Co‐create a client‐centered solution ‐ define deal structure
  2. “Know thy self, know thy enemy” ‐ dispatching competitors
  3. First presentation of proposal to client
  4. Internally ‐ secure funding to make a bid

He also knows process alone won’t be enough.

John: We’ve done a lot of great work so far to understand the business goals, challenges, and needs of our client and now we really feel like we have a great solution to share with them. That’s important! When we get in front of the client, we have to enthusiastically communicate our ideas to them. If we don’t feel convinced, then it would be really hard to convince them. The passion we have for the solution will transfer to how we communicate about it, so we need to be responsible for the energy we bring. At the same time, we have to meet the client where they are. We don’t want to overwhelm them with our enthusiasm by overloading them with options. It is just as important to give them time to digest and reflect on our solutions.

John is talking about the sales quality of Enthusing. Enthusing enables you to engage your clients through energizing and simulating conversations to quickly build a dynamic rapport. Doing so enables you to draw answers from them to evolve your offering and address their precise needs. Maintaining a dynamic approach will also boost client interest when you make your recommendations. The clarity of your vision and ideas is important so plan to flex and adapt as needed to meet the client where they might be as well.

Tune in next time when we’ll continue with our Recommended Solutions and learn more about how to deliver with confidence so that we create a Convincing argument for selection of our product or service.

“Enthusiasm moves the world.” Arthur James Balfou

Tone is the dipstick to your heart. Your passion helps transfer knowledge. Lack of passion is lack of tone. Be responsible for your energy.


Lumina helps sales professionals see how their behavior traits and personality show up in a selling situation.  Is your sales team effective in understanding client needs?  We can now scientifically measure sales professionals’ strengths and development areas in the sales process.  If you’re interested in learning more, contact me at 972.841.5890 or marcel.brunel@luminalearning.com and let’s set up a time to talk.

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