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Brunel Group is working with police chiefs and their officers to help better predict and prevent overextended/stressed behaviors out in the field.  With the ability to identify, observe and coach to these overextended behaviors, the PD leadership team now has a catalyst for a dialogue with the officer.


Although hypervigilance keeps police officers alive on the street, they return home to a state that is the opposite of hypervigilance.  We are now able to measure what the officer is like in all three of his/her personas (at home, at work, and when they are overextended/stressed).  This allows the officer and their Police Department leaders to see blind spots that could be causing blind behaviors in the field.


We each have 24 qualities, or traits, that make up our persona. Of the qualities that make up a police officer’s persona, Brunel Group is focusing on four that, when overextended, could cause the officer to not be doing his/her best work out in the field:


TRAIT 1: Officers think they are taking charge of a situation, but under stress their behavior comes across to others as controlling


TRAIT 2: Officers think they are being logical in a stressful situation, and they come across as argumentative


TRAIT 3: Officers think they are comfortable with conflict in a stressful situation, and they are coming across as seeking conflict


TRAIT 4: Officers think they can be strong willed in their mindset in a stressful situation, and they come across as using excessive force


With this insight, the officer can now see what they can do (their underlying persona/at home/most natural) what they will do (their everyday persona/at work/conscious behavior) and what they overdo (their overextended/what they do when they are stressed - a persona that can come into effect unconsciously).


Our highest hope is that this insight enables police officers to see into themselves “beyond the obvious” allowing them to be a “creator of future circumstances,” and ensure that the best day they have as an officer is still one that is out ahead of them.





There is an economic cost to overextended/stressed behaviors in the field (controlling, argumentative, seeking conflict, excessive force).  We are helping officers better predict those behaviors so they can better prevent those behaviors.  If every officer was able to measure his or her own overextended behaviors, they could help other officers do the same.


By measuring the whole officer (at home, at work, and under stress) as to how they make decisions, problem solve, and build relationships.  In a very quick and easy way we are able to provide police officers with the science as to how they do all three by linking their IQ and their EQ together.


Police Departments are looking to enhance the credentials of officers in the field and to raise law enforcement standards, knowledge, and also cooperation domestically.  Domestic cooperation says we are better together.  Protecting, serving, and responding in an overextended environment is happening everywhere.  Let’s link law enforcement standards (how effectively we do things) to EQ (how well we do things).


Being soft on the people, hard on the problem takes more than good will; it takes real skill.  What allows you to be soft on people are traits like empathy, collaboration, and adaptiveness.  We measure those specific traits.  Officers are now aware of their emotional intelligence bright spots & blind spots and specific traits they could “tune up” or “tune down” based on the situation.


Now that police officers are being videotaped via dash cam, body cam, and personal phone cameras, it is more important than ever before that officers avoid being hijacked by their emotions.  The Lumina Spark assessment can measure specific traits in each officer and help them to develop a range of emotionally intelligent styles that can be applied to a variety of changing circumstances.


The World Economic Forum has emotional intelligence as #6 on the top 10 skills needed in the market place by 2020.  Cumulative PTSD can show up in officers after many years of being in situations where opinions vary, emotions run strong, and the stakes are high.  Let’s enable all officers to be better armed to disarm their overextended behaviors.

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